Sue Walker (65)

Sue only realized that she was a lesbian a couple of years ago after retiring from her career in midwifery. Living in a rural community, there wasn’t anyone to reach out and talk to.  She was a member of a choir called Decibellas and a young lesbian friend encouraged her to join the Manchester Lesbian Gay Choir where she began to meet more LGBT friends, one of whom introduced her to the Silver Rainbows group in Chester.

She explains “It was terribly isolating coming out as a woman in my 60s and I didn’t have anyone to really talk to about it.  Going along to the Silver Rainbows group has opened up so many more doors for me and it has been great to talk to people without feeling judged.”

Continuing her love of choirs, Sue joined the Proud Marys Choir and has performed at various different Pride events which has enabled her to make more new friendships.

“I felt very vulnerable when I first came out and wanted to meet other lesbian women my age.  Silver Rainbows has opened doors to other groups like the Proud Marys, I really enjoy my get-togethers with them.”