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Loneliness is a bigger problem than simply an emotional experience and it can have a huge effect on your health. However, there is a wealth of information available online about the health effects of social isolation.

You may find some of the following links, news stories and resources interesting.

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Active Ageing

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Loneliness: how do you know your council is actively tackling loneliness? – July 2018

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The Shed EffectJuly 2018

That Age Old Question – June 2018

A quarter of millennials believe depression is “normal” in older age June 2018

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Age UK blog: Analysing a recent ONS report on lonelinessApril 2018

Loneliness – What characteristics and circumstances are associated with feeling lonely?April 2018

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Study gets almost £1 million for research to support people who are lonely and isolatedMarch 2018

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Loneliness is finally being recognised as a risk to health. But this is just the startFebruary 2018

The Loneliness Experiment launchedFebruary 2018

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Sleep Disorders, Such As Sleep Apnea, Linked to DementiaJanuary 2018

Loneliness – the public health challenge of our time – January 2018

Jo Cox Loneliness Report – January 2018

“Trapped in an Empty Waiting Room”—The Existential Human Core of Loneliness in Old Age – December 2017

Radical change needed to tackle ‘unemployment trap’ leaving over a million over 50s out of workNovember 2017

Evening and Weekend Loneliness Report – October 2017

Depression affects nearly half of older adults in the UKOctober 2017

Loneliness: Do Interventions Help?October 2017

Equality and Human Rights – July 2017

The Role of the Arts and Culture in Social Care – July 2017

10% of a population’s health and wellbeing is linked to access to health care (The Health Foundation) – June 2017

A Loneliness Manifesto (Independent Age) – June 2017

Contribution of risk factors to excess mortality in isolated and lonely individuals (UK Biobank cohort study) – May 2017

How old is old? Exploring the language of agein – May 2017

Beautiful countryside hides ugly truth of social isolation – March 2017

What is Social Prescribing? (The Kings Fund) – February 2017

Have we reached the Age of No Retirement? – June 2016

Centre for Ageing Better: What makes for fulfilling work in later life? – February 2016

10 ways to beat loneliness – February 2016

Is it time for doctors to prescribe volunteering? – January 2016

NHS Choices page on loneliness in older people – November 2015

ONS Report – ‘Insights into Loneliness, Older People and Well-being, 2015’ – October 2015

‘At a glance 60: Preventing loneliness and social isolation among older people’ – Social Care Institute for Excellence briefing – May 2012

AGE DOES NOT DEFINE US (The Age of no Retirement)

The Campaign to End Loneliness – Loneliness Research