Pauline Stott (61) and Rob McKenzie (65) – FabWeld

Andy Ball is a fabricator and welder as well as an artist and a trainer. He works with The Welding Academy to run training a 6-week welding course for the over 50’s. Andy teaches the group rudimentary skills that they can then go away and apply themselves at home.

Pauline Stott (61) found out about the group on Facebook and despite having never done any kind of metalwork before, decided to give it a go. Pauline said: “I have kept all of the horseshoes my prized horse used to wear and I am really looking forward to making something out of them that I can keep”. Pauline encouraged her friend Rob McKenzie (65) to join her on the class and he is now enjoying doing something different which he can put to practical use. As well as a decorative dog for his daughter, he is making a stand for an old bakery mixing bowl that he has at home. Rob said: “Some people might be put off at the sound of welding but it really is easier than you think. We get shown what to do and given supervision to make our own projects. The group is great because we give one another advice and guidance along the way. I am now able to do own metal bending which I am putting to use with projects at home!”.