“Social isolation has a big impact on wellbeing, so the fact that Brightlife is running a social prescribing scheme in Winsford is fantastic. We at the town council are very supportive of Brightlife being here, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”  Winsford Mayor, Cllr Ailsa Gaskill-Jones

“Brightlife offers an exciting opportunity for Malpas to find some new ways to combat loneliness and isolation. Given so many in our local community are over 50, this is an extremely important initiative that will make a real difference to the lives of people in the village.”  John Webb, Chairman of Malpas Parish Council, Trustee Age UK Cheshire

“Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to supporting older people in their communities. It is encouraging to see so many free activities being organised at the Brightlife Festival. We hope these events encourage people to get involved, have fun and make new friends. We are looking forward to supporting events on National Older People’s Day.” Nick Evans, Head of Prevention, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

“The Friday group gives me something to look forward to.  And its not just me … I noticed one of the men used to walk into the group with his head down, now he walks with his head held high!”  Ruth Tilston, Malpas. 

“I never felt settled until Brightlife came to Malpas – and now I’m doing so much. I wasn’t ready to be sat in a room being told what to do!” Joan Merridith, Malpas 

Thank you Louise for coming to my home and telling me about all these exciting activities you have organised. I’ve got the community car scheme block booked to ensure I am here every week.” Audrey Thomas, Tilston


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