A legacy of learning

Over the course of five years, Brightlife gathered and developed valuable knowledge and best practice about what works to improve the lives of older people in Cheshire West and Chester.

This key learning is presented here in five sections; each representing a vital part of the ongoing cycle of planning, action and reflection that is required to create meaningful, enduring change for older people and their communities.

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The Brightlife Legacy Report summarises the key learning presented here on the Brightlife Legacy website. Download your copy now.

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Meeting Needs

What have we learned when it comes to identifying needs, and about designing/planning interventions that meet those needs effectively?

Making Connections

What have we learned about how we can best reach older people who are in need of support?

Supporting Success

What have we learned about how to manage, support and deliver successful projects and services?


What have we learned about best practice for making projects and services sustainable?

Capturing impact

What have we learned from both the formal and informal evaluation process, and how can this be applied to future interventions?