Social Prescribing

GPs and Healthcare Professionals wishing to make a referral into Brightlife should email or call our Social Prescribing Manager, Christine McMahon on 01606 884442

How it works…

Social Prescribing offers a way for healthcare providers to help lonely and socially isolated patients by referring them into community-based services that can help them to manage their own wellbeing.

social prescribing Brightlife runs three schemes for social prescribing in Cheshire West, on a village (Malpas), town (Winsford) and city (Chester) scale.

We manage the transition between formal healthcare and community services in these areas, helping older people to discover what they can do and what they enjoy, and allowing them to rebuild their own social support networks.

There are three tiers of engagement available depending on how vulnerable the patient is, ranging from basic signposting into available services, through to intensive and on-going support including access to peer befriending projects.

“[Social Prescribing] creates a new script for the consultation that enables both clinical and social elements to be taken into account. If you’re just treating clinical origins, then you’re not getting to the root of the problem.”

Halima Khan, Nesta

For more information on Brightlife’s Social Prescribing schemes, contact the Brightlife office on 01606 884444 or email

For further reading ‘Making sense of social prescribing‘ provides further insight into this bespoke and effective level of support.

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