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  • BrightLife says:

    The monitoring questionnaires are here:
    under data required.
    It is not the role of the university to gather the data. Based on the data that the funded projects provide, they will unertake qualitative analysis.

  • BrightLife says:

    We’d like to know your processes for accounting for it, monitoring, authorising etc

  • BrightLife says:


    Its the Partnership Delivery document. Go to the web page:


  • Siobhan Horton says:

    I would value feedback on the Monitoring Section
    3.1- sorry- unable to find Monitoring template on your website
    3.2 and 3.3 – could the University of Chester Co-Researchers be allocated to work with the project lead to collect, collate and return date to Brightlife Project team?

  • Siobhan Horton says:

    please clarify Q 6.2 How is money handled?
    unsure what this means- just seen a similar question below

  • Tim Ashcroft says:

    In the ‘Opportunity in Older Age (Winsford)’ tender question 3.1 refers to ‘ data requirements are described in section X of the delivery agreement.

    Where can we find this delivery agreement?

  • BrightLife says:

    Responses could include:
    What financial information do you report?
    Where do you report financial information?
    How often do you report?
    Segregation of duties
    Responsibilities of budget holders/project worker?
    Responsibilities of others within your organisation towards finance for this project

  • Cathy Boyd says:

    I have just been reading through the tender specification for the Buddy scheme in Cheshire West and Chester. Could you clarify what you are looking for in the section “how is the money handled”

    Many thanks

  • BrightLife says:

    Thanks for your questions.

    Any provider will be expected to work with the Malpas Social Prescribing Co-ordinator who will be the main referral route into the project. The social prescribing co-ordinator will be working closely with the GPs practice in Malpas. So it is expected that people who access the project will be registered with the village practice. I am aware that there are a few people from Cheshire East registered in Malpas. These people will be able to access the project.

    Brightlife will not fund activity that takes place outside the boundaries of Cheshire West and Chester.

    Currently Brightlife is not releasing any more details of the consultation.

  • Sam Caraway says:

    I have a couple of questions about the Great Outdoors Malpas Tender:

    1. The Tender talks about “Malpas and the surrounding villages” to you have a predetermined geographical area or radius from Malpas that you are using that phrase to refer to? Malpas is within two miles of Wales and three miles of Cheshire East and Shropshire; would people living in villages near Malpas but in these areas be able to participate in the project?

    2. Are you able to release any more details of consultation and audience development process that you carried out in order to arrive at this brief?


  • BrightLife says:

    Thanks Elly that’s a fantastic offer.
    Anyone who feels that their project would benefit from the expertise that Brio Leisure can offer around leisure, fitness etc please contact the Brightlife Office and we will put you in touch with Brio.

    We have also had a similar offer from Carolyn at Artyparty, who would love to work with organisations to develop arts based opportunities. If you would like to speak to Carolyn contact the office and we will put you in touch with her.

  • BrightLife says:

    Outcomes are the ones in the tender. I know the form then go on to describe them as ‘local outcomes but they are the same thing. So the question is ‘ how are you going to meet the outcomes and why do you think this will work?’

  • Elly McFahn, Managing Director, Brio Leisure says:

    Brio Leisure would like to be able to work with interested partners who will be tendering for the above contracts in the delivery of leisure activities and solutions. Brio also provides smoking support and weight management, and already offers services for leisure activities to all borough residents 75 years and over free of charge, so there is plenty we already have as a solution to work with, but we would not necessarily be the lead agency.

  • Chris Fox says:

    I’ve just been reading through the Great Outdoors Tender response document and under question 2. Can you explain what outcomes these are referring to? Are they the Brightlife programme outcomes? Or outcomes that we might set through our project? And what are the ‘local outcomes’ i.e are they already set, or are they outcomes we will identify?

  • BrightLife says:

    We would like to be able to offer support to potential Brightlife Providers and those who have been commissioned by Brightlife. We want to have as many as possible potentail Brightlife providers and for this to happen they need to complete our PQQ. We want to commission support for organisations to complete the PQQ. We also want to commission support for organisations to be able to respond to our tenders. Once a Brightlife contract has been let we want it to be sustainable beyond the end of Brightlife funding. We therefore want to commission business support to enable organisations to plan and implement that plan towards usustainability. We cannot say for certain how many organisations you will be working with so anticipate that the Tender Response will include costings based around a Schedule of Rates for each activity.

  • Paul Amann says:

    What is envisaged to be the main activities for the Business-Support project?

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