Funding the Arts of Ageing

£60,000 of Brightlife funding has been announced to create culturally engaging experiences that will help older people feel more connected with their community by providing opportunities to access a broad range of arts over a two year period.

Tender period closes on 30th September 2016

FURTHER INFORMATION In addition to different health needs, people of different ages may also have different interests and different preferred methods of communication.  The project will need to identify how it will address various communication preferences and interests.

Participating in the arts, including; joining choirs; attending the theatre; visiting the cinema and participating in writing classes is beneficial to older people.

It has a positive influence on physical and mental well-being. For example, dance can improve flexibility and cardiac function as well as build muscle strength, singing is beneficial to breathing and playing an instrument can improve flexibility in joints. This physical activity also has an impact on mental well-being. Arts can also improve mental capacity through its demands on memory, decision making and problem solving.  Participation in arts activity can also help to improve relationships between participants and the wider community.

To read the full specification, for details of how to apply and for all the documents you will need, please visit our Get Funded page.