Dr Achla Damania

“As a GP, I see a lot of older people whose physical problems have led to them becoming lonely and socially isolated. This in turn makes them less active, and can often make their health problems worse.

While I can help people manage their physical symptoms by offering them painkillers or referring them to a physiotherapist, I can’t provide them with the means or motivation to reconnect with their communities or to live a more active life.

Brightlife’s Social Prescribing scheme has given me a way to help these patients, so that the issues at the root of their health problems can be addressed.

I’m now seeing patients that I have referred to the scheme, some of whom I have been treating for years, suddenly experiencing massive improvements in health and mobility. For these patients, social interaction has had a greater impact on their general health than medication.

By enabling me to help my patients in ways that I can’t when I work alone, Brightlife is a perfect example of what good healthcare is all about – making people feel better and improving their quality of life.”