David Kirsopp (67) and John McKinley (78) – Little Actors Theatre Group

The Little Actors Theatre Company run an over 50s theatre group weekly at Neston Theatre Arts. The group has been meeting since early 2018 and has written a play which they are now producing and will be performing at a local drama festival.

Since David Kirsopp (67) and John McKinley (78) met one another at the group they have become firm friends even though they are quite different to one another. David admits to being quiet and John loves to talk – but they have a lot of other things in common. They both live alone and agree that it is good to have a regular commitment that gets them out of the house. David found out about the group after hearing about Brightlife on BBC Radio Merseyside and says it has been a great experience meeting John as it eases the loneliness he feels. He explains, “We got chatting about the different places we had been to in Liverpool over the years and realised our paths have probably crossed before without us ever meeting. Coming along to the acting group has been great to get me out of the house and get talking”.

John was previously in another drama group and enjoys the camaraderie of performing. John came up with the idea for the play that the group has co-written and is now rehearsing. He explained: “I once went on a cruise holiday and was sharing some of the funny things that had happened whilst I was onboard. That gave us the idea for our play and it just went from there! As well as the production, it has been wonderful to make new friends like David”.