Chris Ellis (65)

“I’d been having problems with depression and was feeling very low so asked at the Library what was going on in Frodsham and they told me about the ‘What’s Cooking’ group.

I’d always been quite a private person and didn’t like mixing – but since my depression have realised I need to make myself get out more.  I was so nervous before I came for my first visit but Julie (Ennis) puts you at your ease and makes you welcome.

It’s surprising how many people were in a similar situation to me – lonely.  … if it wasn’t for this group I’d still be sat on my bum feeling sorry for myself.  It’s been a Godsend and really brought me out of my shell and now I’ve found my confidence I’ve even started going to a coffee morning I would never have had the courage to attend before.

You can’t shut me up now I’ve found my voice again! I’d recommend the group to anybody. We have a laugh and you get to sample all the tasters.