Beryl (86)

“I still get lonely sometimes, but now I’ve got something to look forward to.”When 86-year-old Beryl moved to Winsford to be closer to her son, she found the transition to living in a new place very hard.

Her mobility issues and a life-long problem with her hearing meant that she found it difficult to get out and about on her own, and despite daily visits from her son, she became very lonely.

Beryl was referred to Brightlife after a routine visit from the fire service to check the safety of her new home. The assessor realised that Beryl was very isolated, so contacted Brightlife’s Social Prescribing Coordinator for Winsford, Jackie Brown, who arranged to meet Beryl and talk to her about her options.

It was clear to Jackie that Beryl’s hearing problem was preventing her from trying new activities, as she was anxious about being overwhelmed by the noise level and about not being able to join in.

Jackie suggested that a new, local social group, which was limited to a maximum of six guests, would be ideal for Beryl. Jackie arranged transport for Beryl to attend the group, and Beryl enjoyed it so much that she decided to go back.

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the group that first time – I hadn’t laughed so much in years!” says Beryl. “I am so glad I went back, as I have now made a new friend there, who I look forward to seeing every week.”

Her lack of transport might have proved a problem, but Jackie soon found a long-term solution, in the form of a volunteer driver who was able to take Beryl to and from the group on a regular basis.

Beryl’s son is delighted that his mother has begun socialising again.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by how much his Mum is enjoying her visits to the social group,” he says. “She still says that she feels lonely sometimes, but Brightlife has given her something to look forward to, and for that we are both very grateful.”